Hey guys so its the summer holidays so posts might be small for a while thanks X3 -Ben

Hello there

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Lol I got swag-Ben

even i’m amazed by your stupidity ~jeff

J con 2013 September 20th

So who’s going to j con this year in Derby on the 20th - 21st of September? I think I might go as Jeff or Ben but I’m thinking about going as alois trancy aswell :3 

I am so doing this for Jcon


Ain’t I just the cutest ^-^ ~Ben

Jeff mayonase isn’t an instrument god *facepalm* ~Ben


Hey guys Jeff here so you best listen, *rubs head nervously* well me and Ben are sorry about the lack of posts today but we’ve got a bunch set for tomorrow ^^ now you can GO TO SLEEP


Guess whooooo~Ben




I feel like I was punched in my chest just by reading this. It never occurred to me how bad my thoughts were until I saw this. I’m in awe.



true shit right here… ~Ben

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So I went camping with the pastas…..